Dear Madam
Dear Sirs

the Oscar Boscarol Company provides you with the information below stated related to the treatment of your personal data which the company will house, accordingly to the art. 13 of the RGDP 679/20216.
Personal data means all the information that might be associated to your person or dealing with it.

1. Why should I read this notice?

You own the right to be properly informed on what the information related to you are, for what purpose they will be used and whom they will be directed to. After being informed about the consequences of missing consent, you will be capable to authorize or not our company to use your personal data by a free will act.

2. Who is the owner of your personal data?

The owner of your personal data is Oscar Boscarol srl, with headquarter in 39100 Bolzano, via Enzo Ferrari 29, tel.: +39 0471932893, fax: +39 0257760140, fiscal tax number 01458460217.

3. How are your data treated?

Your data will pass through necessary steps in order to fulfil the purposes stated below. All these steps will be followed by properly trained personnel appointed by the owner of your data both electronically and on paper.

4. For what purpose will the collected information be used?

The personal data provided by you will be used for the following purposes:


a)  Dealing with your subsciption to our periodical newsletter;
b) Provide and dispatch the requested newsletter, information, promotions, advertisement and other services related to this purpose;
c) To improve Oscar Boscarol srl structure and services provided;
d) To fulfil all legal duties and protect Oscar Boscarol srl just rights.

a) Follow up your request of information on our products and activities;
b) Provide the requested offer or purchase order including all the purposes connected to it;
c) To improve Oscar Boscarol srl structure and services provided;
d) To fulfil all legal duties and protect Oscar Boscarol srl just rights

a) Fulfil your request for information and provide information and notice on new products and activities;
b) To fulfil all legal duties and protect Oscar Boscarol srl just rights

5. What does your personal data treatment allow Oscar Boscarol srl to?

- Oscar Boscarol s.r.l. will treat your personal data whether you consent them to.
- Oscar Boscarol s.r.l. will treat your personal data as they are supposed to in order to fulfil the data owner legal requirements.
- Oscar Boscarol s.r.l. will treat your personal data to fulfil the existing contract between the parts.

6. What if you deny your consent for personal data treatment?

In this case the requested service will not be performed.

7. Can your personal data treatment consent be withdrawn?

Your personal data treatment consent can be withdrawn anytime by written notice to Oscar Boscarol s.r.l. to the following:
-    mail: 39100 Bolzano, via Enzo Ferrari 29
-    fax: +39 0257760140
-    e-mail:

8. Which are the consequences of your personal data treatment consent withdrawal?

In case of your personal data treatment consent withdrawal, it would be interrupted as well as all the services it entails. The withdrawal of your consent will not affect previously performed treatment neither will they prevent the company from pursuing its legal rights by further treatment as per law requirements, in case they prevail on the reasons that led you to withdraw your consent.

9. Whom might your information be provided to?

Your information will be communicated to:
a) other responsible in charge of your data treatment, appointed by Oscar Boscarol srl, managing the services involving the above stated treatment;
b) public rights entities, competent authorities, people in charge of the fulfilment of law requirements;
c) other parts authorized for the treatment, appointed by Oscar Boscarol s.r.l. to fulfil the above stated purposes;
If possible, the communication of your personal data will happen anonymously even inside the company as to grant the impossibility for third parties to recognize or identify yourself, even using pseudonym or mathematical techniques (coding).  Nevertheless, there may be some treatments that necessarily need your identification (such as the ones related to legal mandatory requirements).

10. How long will your personal data treatment last? What criteria are used to determine it?

Your personal data treatment will last 10 years since the fulfilment of the purpose for which it was originally used. In case of consent withdrawal, your data will no longer be used starting from the 30th day from the denial.
Such conditions are not valid when it comes to the fulfilment of any law requirement.

11. How long will the information be saved?

The information will be stored by the Oscar Boscarol srl accordingly to the stocking criteria of the company itself.

12. Does the Oscar Boscarol srl make use of automatic decision processes, including data profiling?

The Oscar Boscarol s.r.l. does not use any automatic decision, nor data profiling processes.

13. What security actions are undertaken by the Oscar Boscarol srl in order to protect your data?

a) A paper material managing politics able to limit data access, thus protecting them from any spread, loss or elimination;
b) Informatic means use policy;  

14. What rights are you entitled to?

You are entitled to several rights dealing with your personal data, such as:  

Right to withdraw consent:
You own the right to withdraw your consent anytime, without affecting the legitimate treatment occurred before your withdrawal.

Right of access:
You own the right to get confirmation on the fact your personal data is indeed being treated and, if the case, to get information on:
­- Treatment purpose;
­- Personal data categories;
­- The recipient or categories whom these data are provided or will be communicated to;
­- Data storage period by Oscar Boscarol srl;
­- In case the treated data have not been provided by yourself, you own the right to know the real source or if such data can be widely achieved.  

Cancellation right:
You have the right to cancel all your personal data, in case:
- Your data are no longer necessary;
- You withdraw your data treatment consent or refuse to consent any specific treatment;
- Oscar Boscarol srl is legally required to cancel your data;

Rectification and integration right:
You have the right to amend all your wrong data, with no justified delay. In relation to your data treatment purpose you have the right to integrate the incomplete ones even through a supplementary declaration.

Personal data portability right:
You have the right to get all your treated personal data in a standard format that can be easily read by all common devices. You have the right to provide these personal data to another treatment owner and to ask Oscar Boscarol srl to transfer the data to the new owner. This right of yours can be subjected to a check of technical feasibility performed by the company.  

Right of opposition to your personal data treatment:
You have the right to oppose to your personal data treatment, with proper justification related to your situation. Nevertheless, when the treatment is necessary for the fulfilment of public concern, legal requirement or for Oscar Boscarol srl legitimate interest, your opposition request might be subject to proper evaluation.

Treatment restriction right:
You have the right to ask Oscar Boscarol to restrict your personal data treatment, for the following reasons:
­- Your data are not correct and need verification;
­- Your consent was not provided properly and instead of asking for cancellation you’d prefer to limit your data treatment;
­- You oppose to their cancellation when you aim to use them at the court;
­- You temporarily oppose to your personal data treatment until Oscar Boscarol srl proves they are entitled to legitimately keep treating them.  

Right to claim to the Data Protection Authority:
You have the right to raise a claim to the Data Protection Authority in case a violation of your treatment has occurred, so that an examination is required. You can produce such claim both personally or through those who represents you (in this case a written power of attorney is required). The power of attorney must be provided to the Data Protection Authority together with all the necessary documentation for the evaluation of your claim. You can present your claim personally to the Authority headquarters, or:  

­- Via registered mail to the authority for the protection of your personal data, Piazza di Monte Citorio, 121 00186 Roma;
­- Via e-mail to or
­- Via fax: 06 696773785.

To correctly apply for a claim, the payment of possible administration fees might be required, except when the applicant is properly exonerated due to particular economic situation or depending on the nature of the activities and purposes of the treatment itself.